Terms and Code of Conduct

A. Term

  1. Participants are required to register for an account on the ICREAM page.
  2. Participants have an up to date zoom account.
  3. Electronic certificates are only given to participants who take part in the Web Conference in Zoom from start to finish, fill attendance, and survey.
  4. The electronic certificate will be sent to the e-mail registered in the account on the ICREAM website.
  5. The attendance link will be given after the seminar is over.
  6. The survey link will automatically appear when the host ends Zoom by clicking "end meeting for all"
  7. The committee will not accept requests for resending electronic certificates for any reasona

B. Code of Conduct

  1. Zoom access will be opened 30 minutes before the event, the attendance of participants at that time is considered as re-registration.
  2. The Zoom account name must match the real name when registering.
  3. Participants are required to turn off the audio (mute) and activate the video camera during the web conference process.
  4. Participants must wear formal clothes.
  5. Host and Co-Host reserve the right to mute participant audio if necessary.
  6. Peserta yang hadir pada web conference dapat mengajukan pertanyaan pada Q&A (Question and Answer) box. Pemateri akan menjawab beberapa pertanyaan terpilih dipandu oleh moderator.

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